GENERAL OVERVIEW: Our vision is to energize the food industry in Bangladesh by bringing in new and innovative concepts from around the world. We want to ensure that the food industry leads the national growth in Bangladesh.

We have recently started franchising with international companies starting with the world famous bubble tea chain, Chatime. Chatime originated in Taiwan and is now in present in 26 countries; with BNS Food and Beverages bring it to Dhaka, Bangladesh will become the 27th country to join this global phenomenon! We are also bringing Sweet Jesus, a Canadian ice cream chain to the streets of Banani, Dhaka. Sweet Jesus puts a new spin on the traditional soft serve through fantastic presentation and great taste.

WORK FORCE: Nearly 200 employees are employed in the company and the number is expected to increase in the coming years.

MANAGEMENT: The BNS Food & Beverage is run under Mohammed Shafkat Bulu, one of the BNS Group directors and Managing Director of BNS Food & Beverages, and his qualified team of 20 others.