BNS Group is a famous name in Bangladesh, and in present day it is one of the most valuable companies in market today. The journey of the Group started with the establishment of its parent company Bulu International. After a few yearsof service the company was known as “BNS Group”. Since its inception and until now, it has maintained the finest quality and service in this industry, which has earned the trust of its market.

Under the BNS Group of Companies, the industrial sectors are producing Blister Film, Rigid Film, Transparent Rigid Film, Artificial Synthetic Leather, Velvet Flocking Cloth, Ladies Shoe Upper, Floor Covering Sheet, all kinds of PVC Film of different thickness, color Film for school Bag, Tripuline sheet, Auto Rikshaw Hood, Cars cover, PVC Transparent Sheet, PVC Sole, PVC Tiles, PVC Sheet, Pathalic Plasticizer Chemical etc. This has helped Bangladesh economy in substantial ways.  Moreover, the real estate sector of BNS Group of Companies are developing a multitude of projects including commercial complexes, residential buildings in the major cities of Dhaka and Chittagong.

Diversity in business and entrepreneurship has helped the BNS Group to become the leader it is today. Each year, the group contributes a significant amount in the national exchequer through payment of VAT, duties and other form of taxes.