M.N.H. BULU is a great name on the list of successful people in Bangladesh. He is one of the most successful Bangladeshi business magnets who is integral to BNS Group, as he is chairman. He is an optimistic and visionary businessman, being the founder of BNS Group, which is operating a various lines of activities including real estate, manufacturing, shopping complex, local international trading.

Business Interest:

M.N.H. BULU is very successful in his business career. In 1978, Mr. M.N.H. BULU first started business enterprise by the field of service sector along with his commercial trading in the domestic from. Undistorted aim, absolute integrity, patience and untiring efforts are the secrets of Mr. M.N.H. Bulu’s success.

He is operating 4 leading financial organization: Dhaka Bank Limited, Jamuna Bank Limited, Prime Finance and Investment Limited & Pioneer Insurance Co. Limited. He is involved with the printing and electronic media along with the education sector. Under his able leadership over the years, BNS Group has successfully implemented a well-designed corporate management structure with clearly defined responsibilities and delegation of authority for project implementation and accountability.

Sl No. Particulars Position
1. National Chemical Mfg. Co. Ltd. Managing Director
2. Abeeco Industries Ltd. Chairman
3. Rumki Industries Ltd. Managing Director
4. NawshinVinyle Industries Proprietor
5. Boss PVC Vinyl Industries Proprietor
6. BNS  DOP & Chemical Ind. Proprietor
7. Shafkat PVC Sole Industries Proprietor
8. Bulu International Proprietor
9. Oishee International Co. Proprietor
10. Aleef Enterprise Proprietor
11. BNS International Co. Proprietor
12. Nushrat International Co. Proprietor
Real Estate
13. Bulu Ocean Tower  (Real Estate) Proprietor
14. B.N.S. Center  (Real Estate) Chairman
15. Bulu. S. Center (Real Estate) Proprietor
16. BNS Properties Ltd Chairman
17. BNS Real Estate Ltd Chairman
18. Media & Communication
19. BNS Multimedia Ltd Chairman
20. Channel 21 Chairman
21. Times Radio Chairman
22. ShongbadProtidin Chairman
23. Daily JatirKantha Chairman